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Vortex Generators do more than help aerodynamics

You know VG's help aircraft flight dynamics and now the USDA is studying the affect VG's have on helping the spray pattern too.  Contact us about getting a set of VG's for your plane. Here is the link to the article.  

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It was our pleasure to serve you in 2016

... we look forward to doing the same in 2017. Happy New Year

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#10 Arrives December 22, 2016

Congratulations to the Farr Family and Farr Air!  They've added the 3rd 510P to their aerial application company. See more pictures here,

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Fantastic Safety Message at NAAA

Mike Mullane was the keynote breakfast speaker at the 2016 NAAA.  We have reprinted, from the NAAA eNewsletter, a great summary of his talk and message.  As a suggestions, consider using this for your re-current training program this spring.  Get the reprint here.

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New Windshield being developed to protect from bird & drone strikes!

Excellent new advancement coming to our Ag Air Industry: Jared Storm of Hershey Flying Service has taken on the mission of improving Air Tractor and Thrush wind shields to protect Ag pilots from a potential drone strike and bird strikes. Working through 2016 he has found an option with new state of the art technology as seen in row 4 in the picture below (the current Air Tractor windshield…

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We remember their bravery, their sacrifice

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Farm Credit Corp Representatives Visit YAS

Big thanks to Brett Werdal and Celine Raisbeck from FCC for visiting our hangar today. They came to learn more about the growing role of Ag Planes in helping Canada's ag producers supply quality food to the world. Their approach: learn more to serve better. That's proactive and refreshing.

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Our Aircraft for Sale page gets new listing

Visit us often to keep up to date on what's for sale in the Canadian ag market. http://yorktonaircraft.com/services/aircraft-for-sale

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A Navy SEAL becomes an Ag pilot

"It's extremely specialized and requires the aviator to be half farmer, half fighter pilot (in that order)..." From our American Friend, Michael Rutledge, a former navy SEAL who landed on the X in the middle night and has now turned ag pilot... He goes on to say "...Crop dusting is the near perfect combination of precision, speed, and adrenaline, with a little freedom and…

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Now is the time to Buy the latest in Engine Monitors

EI has rebates and discounts on now unitl December 1 - rebates range from $300 - $1000 USD. See the product line here, Call Jason at our office for details.

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