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Tip Tuesday- Dry Breaks

Eliminate leaks and spills.Fuel and products sets in stock.Give us a call! #TipTuesday #TuesdayTips

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ELT Recertifications

Available Now!**Transponder Certifications coming soon!

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Flight Helmet Cords

Did you know? Flight helmet cords have impeded pilots when making an emergency exit from an aircraft (called egress). This article is a good read We can modify your helmet cords to reduce your egress risk. Let's do it prior to #spray19? Give us a call today!  

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Kawak Throttle Quadrant

Kawak’s design improves quadrant ergonomics and allows tactile lever recognition. A creep safe feature is also built in. Huge safety features for the pilot and the owner with this upgrade. Canadian STC’d for Air Tractor and Thrush. #TipTuesday #TuesdayTips #YorktonAircraftService #products#spray19 #Kawak #ThrottleQuadrant Click here for more products that…

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New To The Industry 2019

The CAAA Annual Tradeshow & Convention has come and gone.  Once again we were able to sponsor a "New To The Industry" session.  This year we were pleased to have Aaron Trudell of Zimmer Air Services Inc. and Tanner Denesowych of Farr Air Inc. present this session. This session was a huge success, and even continued on in an informal discussion for 1 hour after the…

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Training Resources

We've added a few items to our training resources page! The newest one- 15 Wing Moose Jaw info package.  Very informative and a good read for this upcoming spray season!

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Laser Altimeters

Display gives you the current aircraft height as well as an indication if you are above or below your “ideal” spraying zone. Here are some testimonials and user comments: “When I’m tired, I suspected I flew higher. The laser proved that to me. Plus, at dusk, last of the daylight, I always seem to question my spray height given the low light conditions.” “My…

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A newsy newsletter

Hi everyone!  We have started a newsy newsletter we distribute by email.  We have done 8 now so if  you haven't received one in your inbox, you may not be on our list.  Drop Kaci an email and she will make sure you are added.  This is a news - letter.  We produce it when we have news or articles of interest to share with you. Sometimes this industry…

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Let’s break the stigma. Mental Health is just as important as being physically healthy. You should not have to deal with it on your own. Let’s support everyone. #BellLetsTalk 

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If you spray with it, chances are we stock it.

We stock an extensive inventory for all your spraying needs.  Give us a call, and we can help you prepare for #spray19.                                            

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