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Tour 17 Kicked Off

Our tour started in Yorkton with an open house on Saturday May 27 - Monday points in Sask and Alberta.  Manitoba we will see you Wednesday!

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Tramp? #spray17 word of the season maybe?

A new calculator for the ag market - what is your ground sprayer costing you in tramping terms?

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The Canadian Thrush Tour!

It's happening!  Many of you have been  asking when Thrush is going to bring a plane to Canada and the time is now.  May 27 - June 1 in fact. Starting on Saturday May 27 at our open house at the Yorkton facility, we will showcase the two beautiul models Thrush produces, the Pratt and the GE.  Terry Humphrey, Thrush's test pilot, will then start on the tour.…

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Rounding up our first Dozen

Congratulations to Prairie Dusters of Birtle / Shoal Lake Manitoba.  This is really 12.5 because she's a dual cockpit, dual control!  Visit out Thrush page to see more.

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Planning to use an airplane this year?

Sing along here with The Hunter Brothers as they deal with their combine stuck in a sprayer rut.  This video put together during the harvest of 2016, which many want to forgot.  Their humour always makes us smile and they certainly make an important pitch for the use of an airplane!

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Hey hey hey #12 is on its way home Canada

#13 beat her a week ago

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Big Day today!

Had a great opportunity today to capture the Farr Air trio of 510P's today. Congratulatons!

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Micronair orders

Our Micronair orders will be going in March 15!  To ensure a late April delivery, we encourage you to get your orders in very soon!

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Thank you Michael Rutledge

An outstanding keynote speaker, Michael Rutledge gave the new people in the industry so many tips. Read more here.

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Thrush's 660 Archangel program

Most days the Thrush aircraft is thought of as a rugged built crop spraying plane.  Imagine it now with armor, rockets, bombs and missiles. Visit our Thrush page to learn more about the very cost effective work the transformed Thrush 660 is doing for light warfare missions.

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