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Free Workshop!

Join us March 19th, 2020 for this FREE WORKSHOP (All you need to bring is a tablet). Learn the xarvio™ Field Manager system and how to interface it with your Satloc®. Optimize your fungicide application with NEW FIELD MANAGER Zone Spray, a cutting edge technology that allows you to selectively protect the highest production zones of your crop and avoid treating it in areas with no…

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Parkland Aviators - Workshop on Engine Failures

PARKLAND AVIATORS! Join fellow aviators at a workshop TONIGHT (Thursday February 6) at 630pm @ 200 York Road East (Logan Stevens Construction) The topic will be Engine Failures - featuring presentations from Doug Ingham & Kevin Mooney. This night will cover critical engine failure information, including proper procedures, proper methods, and some videos! Email Candace at…

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Thank you, Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace!

A big thank you to the Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace for the fantastic 702 course held last week here in Yorkton!We are always looking and willing to help towards the education in our industry. If there are any courses you are interested in, please feel free to reach out to us.                    

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Training Courses in Yorkton

Are you or anybody you know interested in any Quality Assurance, Corrective Action Plan, or Person Responsible for Maintenance Control training? Yorkton will be holding this training in January. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Kaci at kaci@yorktonaircraft.com You can register here:https://www.avaerocouncil.ca/sites/default/files/ccaa_workshops_-yorkton-_jan_2019_0.pdf   …

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Thrush Bucks are Back!

35,000 more reasons to choose a Thrush.Thrush Bucks are back – and with them, you can get a $35,000 credit on every aircraft order you place before January 31st, 2020. Call us today @ 1.800.776.4656 to learn more!

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Kawak Throttle Quadrant - Now is the Time to Buy!

Are you on the fence about the Kawak Throttle Quadrant? Now is your time to buy.  There will be a price increase starting January 1, 2020.  All orders placed in 2019 will receive the original pricing.  You do not want to miss out on this. If this interests you, give us a call today! 1.800.776.4656

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New ownership at Thrush sets sites on a bright future.

Message from our friends at Thrush Aircraft: Our planned restructuring process now complete and new leadership is in place. Industry veteran Mark McDonald is the new CEO of Thrush, and he and his team of seasoned professionals are already moving forward with plans to increase our capabilities and capacity, while positioning the company for long-term growth and success. There will be more great…

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Electronics International - Civil Aviation Day Mail-In Rebate

It's rebate time!! Check the rebate form to see if your purchase (from October 18 2019- December 31 2019) qualifies for a mail-in rebate!

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ARMOR Data Services - here to help you!

Have an MVP or JPI System in Your aircraft?ARMOR Data Services can help you get the most value from them and protect your aircraft! Using their proprietary software we sort the millions of data points stored in the MVP or JPI that you already have installed in your aircraft. Review the data per AMM and EMM limitations and parameters for your specific aircraft and engine pairing determining if any…

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Fly-In Open House at Leading Edge

Join the crew at Leading Edge at their Open House this weekend!

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