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Welcome Home!

#1 of 50 in 13! Hellya! Welcome home VVH-710!                                        

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Welcome to the fleet!

Thrush Aircraft has received the Type Certification of the 510P2+Welcome to the fleet and congratulation's Thrush Aircraft!    

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The first 710 to arrive in Canada!

Congratulations to Gravity Ag Services for their purchase of a Thrush 710! This marks the first 710 in Canada and the 50th Turbo Thrush in Canada since 2013!!  

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North American Thrush Dealer

We are your North American Thrush Dealer! Plus, a dealer for several amazing products!    

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We've got BIG news!

Weatherly Aircraft Company is OFFICALLY BACK ONLINE!!! Yorkton Aircraft is extremely happy to see that Weatherly is back into production and offering our Ag Industry and Ag Pilots a safer, easy to fly option when first starting out which is also a great options for new operators to start and grow their business without breaking the bank. Anyone who has experience operating or flying…

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Thrush Aircraft Debuts the All New 510P2 and 510P2+

Read the Ag Air Update article, here!  

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Transland acquires Accu-Flo Nozzles!

Transland acquires Accu-Flo Nozzles! Transland adds the Accu-Flo nozzle to their already impressive line of agricultural application products and will uphold the strict standards Bishop Equipment Mfg. Inc. has always had for their products and services    

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Prop Balancing

Our ProBalancer is a self contained, computerized, dynamic propeller balancing system. It was designed and built for rapid, accurate, dynamic balancing of the aircraft’s propeller and engine assemblies as combined units. With this technology we can detect your aircraft’s vibration level and then determine the trim weight adjustment necessary to reduce and hopefully eliminate the…

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Have you seen these? 68,000 other have!

The Aircraft to Be In I Love it It's the aircraft to be in, you will love it!  

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