• We're There To Keep You In The Air

    We specialize in supporting the Canadian Aerial Application industry, making us the largest maintenance and parts facility in Canada. Customers fly to us from locations across the prairies and we distribute parts across Canada.

  • We Have the Expertise

    We work closely with all AG Air product lines. Whatever you fly with, any make, any model, we will help you. That is our commitment to our clients and this industry.

  • We Have The Resources

    Our affiliation with aircraft manufacturers and a broad distribution network of aircraft parts suppliers, along with our extensive parts inventory, gives us the technical support to keep you in the air.

  • We Have the Technology

    We take great pride in being on top of the latest technology in the industry. We can source and support the best for your needs.

  • We Have the Passion

    We believe Ag Flying is the greatest form of flying there is. We have deep respect for ag pilots and their contribution to agriculture. As part of our client's team, we take our pit crew job very seriously.

  • We Have the History

    We understand Ag flying. Our roots are connected to the ag pilot cockpit. It's been key to our foundation. Here is Allan, our Director of Maintenance, going Pawnee spraying, circa 1985

  • We Like High Flyers too!

    We enjoy working with General Aviation aircraft owners as well as the AG group. Our technicians are pilots and we are aircraft owners too. We get the fun! Let us help you with your GA aircraft!

We are Canada's largest Ag Aircraft Support Facility, located at Yorkton Saskatchewan.  

In 2014 we celebrated our first 25 years in business. It was a great year!  Our commitment continues.

 Our Services

We work with only the best products available and we take great pride in our workmanship so we can keep you flying.

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Thrush Aircraft

Thrush ag aircraft are designed with pilots in mind. Rugged, dependable and AD free.

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Satloc sales, service and support.  Not just the sale.

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