We had over 40 pilots and their support staff attend our Pilots, Planes & Prep 2018 Event.  Throughout the week we had numerous positive comments about the learning opportunity.  Here is an email we received early this week...

Hello, Allan and Cheryl:

All in all, a most valuable and educational time.

And excellent organization by Kaci all around, keeping us organized and on time.

Just a quick note of thanks and appreciation for the excellent sessions as part of the pilot prep week.  Kevin Pierce provided a lot of important info and links to Thrush, Doug gave a superb workshop on risk management (one I think should be mandatory for all ag pilots), and Lubos provided a lot of critical  info on the H80.  Ed Gaffray was great to have there as well.  And the hangar session as a follow up to the formal presentation at the hotel was greatly appreciated, and most instructive. 

Many thanks indeed!