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Up for a date with us?

We will be attending these conferences in Canada and the USA this year. Let's make a date!

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Guess what this is?

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Thanks to Fly'n Dutchman

We're There to Keep You in the Air - it's our talk and our walk. Thank you to Fly'n Dutchman for this great tweet.  It's always nice to get recognized for the effort.

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Digital Instrument Rebates

This fall is a great time to consider upgrading your instruments to the nice digital displays.  Take a look here 

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Density Altitude Calculator

The summer heat is here and we remind our pilot friends to excercise extra caution accounting for density altitude effects - lower prop efficiency, decreased lift, and decreased power output from the engine.  Aicraft will not get off the ground, carry the load, or turn as well when high density altitude exists. What was fantastic conditions in early morn at 1000" MSL can turn to a…

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Bugs, Thrush, Micronair

Great picture of Kammer Ag Thrush with Micronair Atomizers taking on some bugs last July 2016.  

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Check out our Maintenance and GPS Tips to help get you running this season!

Our Maintenance Tip Page and our GPS Page is constantly updated based on FAQs we receive.

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Thrush Tour 2017 a Rush!

Canada we had a blast touring our 2017 510G in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.  Over 50 rides were given out by Terry and 10 turbine pilots flew the bird themselves!  Incredible, lighter on controls than thought, performer, full load - full fuel take off performance unbeatable - these are some of the words used in customer feedback.  Thank you Thrush Aircraft for making this…

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Tour 17 Kicked Off

Our tour started in Yorkton with an open house on Saturday May 27 - Monday points in Sask and Alberta.  Manitoba we will see you Wednesday!

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Tramp? #spray17 word of the season maybe?

A new calculator for the ag market - what is your ground sprayer costing you in tramping terms?

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