It's that time of year again! No, we aren't talking about winter (even though it feels like it may be showing up earlier than we are wanting!).  

Electonics International has another rebate offer! 

Purchase any of these between now and November 30,2020 and you will be eligible for a rebate!

Items aviailable for rebate:

CGR-30P Engine Monitor Package (Premium or Basic)
CGR-30P Engine Monitor UPGRADE Package (Premium or Basic)
CRG-30C Engine Monitor Package
CRG-30P Premium + CGR-30C COMBO Package
CRG-30P Premium + CGR-30C COMBO UPGRADE Package
CRG-30 Twin Package (CGR-30P + CRG-30P + CGR-30C)
MVP-50P Engine Monitor Package
MVP-50P Twin Package
MVP-50T Turborpop/Jet Engine Monitor Package
FP-5L Fuel Flow Monitor Package
UBG-16 Bar Graph Engine Analyzer Package
P-300M Magnetic Float Fuel Sensor

Check out this link for all the details!